Personal Budgeting for Beginners in this Post Pandemic World

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Personal Budgeting for Beginners in this Post Pandemic World

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Improving Financial Literacy : How to Gain A Peace of Mind in Our Personal Finances in this Post Pandemic World

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The world is getting more and more uncertain in this post pandemic environment, with many big companies going bankrupt and many jobs being less secured. Aside from that, as we were not taught financial literacy in school, many families has declared themselves bankrupt. It is truly a scary time. Having said that, those who saved money are less impacted and they are doing a little better at this very uncertain time.

So with that, I decided to share some insights on budgeting after being an accountant and a financial analyst for close to 20 years. In this course, you shall gain the following :

Peace of Mind

I like many weren't taught any financial literacy in school and with that we are not equipped to weather the financial uncertainties. But after reading books and working in the financial industry, today I have a better understanding of money and I would like to teach that financial understanding to you.

A Fun Way To Learn

Lets face it, to pick a new skill up especially if we have to read a text book is hard !!! more so when a book is filled with numbers. So I think a video course on the subject of budgeting is the perfect solution.  Whereby, we will have slides and me guiding you in this learning process.

Actionable Steps

I for one am guilty of reading many many books only to not take any action and I know the pain of not taking action even though we know what to do. So in this course, I have outline how to start a budget and cut our expenses in a simple to follow step by step format


I know we live in a fast moving busy world, so learning a new skill has been made so much easier as you can now access this information through mobile devices or your laptop. Basically at any where and any time to your convenience.

To date there are approximately 23,000 students enrolled in this course and below are some of the feedback received about it :

"Thank you for this amazing course ... Sir , you make this complicated things very easy to make us understand ...thank you again sir"

"I think I am now a professional "personal budgeter" and see investment and savings from a whole new perspective after taking this course. Thank you Adnan"

"During the whole course, there was much clarity in understanding the concepts n it was made really easy by the instructor. All in all, it's a helpful course to kickstart personal budgeting"

So come and join us on this adventure of personal budgeting.

  • How to Budget Your Expenses

  • How to Save for A Rainy Day

  • How to Save to Invest

  • Students that want to learn how to save

  • Students that wants to learn how to invest

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