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We have many ads spaces that you can buy


1- Top nav space

text space area shows in all website pages


2- Popup space

image popup ad appear after clicking on a link


3-4 - Aside spaces

image ads in aside area at blog and courses pages, one in top and the other in bottom with sticky effect on scroll


5- Footer space

image ads above footer area


6- Premium Courses

we ad your course as apremium course


Ads Types and prices

IDSpace NametypesizePrice
1Top nav spaceText or Html-$25 / month
2PopUp spaceImage with a linkmin 500X300 px$30 / month
3Aside spaces TopImage with a linkmin 330X330 px$20 / month
4Aside spaces BottomImage with a linkmin 330X330 px$20 / month
5Footer spaceImage with a linkmin 1200X140 px (700X100 save area)$15 / month
6Premium CoursesUdemy Course-$10 / month
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